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The V250CE cylinders have been specially designed for being extremely compact and for applying the integrated end stroke MAGNETIC SWITCHES.
Furthermore their construction permits a high standardization with consequent lower price and immediate delivery time. Available bores: from 25 to 100 mm. Strokes 20, 50 and 80 mm.
Depending on the bore.
These cylinders are ideal for short stroke slides and cores on plastic injection moulds.
The use for heavy duties is not recommended.

Technical Features:

  • Max. working pressure: up to 250 bar (3625 PSI)
  • Bore Size: 25 to 100 mm
  • Rod Size: 18 to 45 mm
  • Max. working temperature :
  • Magnetic version: 80°C - 176°F
  • Non-Magnetic version: 100°C - 212°F
  • Stroke : 20, 50 and 80 mm (according to the bore size)


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